Travelling to South Africa

Travel arrangements to South Africa can be made with an agent of your choice. Travel document requirements:

  • Valid passport for 6 months after your return)
  • Visa , not required for people traveling on a US passport.
  • Address, phone numbers for Olivewoods Game Farm.
  • All your medical records in case of any Medical emergency.
  • Travel Insurance documents.
  • US customs form 4457 registering your weapon in the US.
  • SAP 520 form for the temporary importing of your firearm/s. Click here to download the SAP 520 form.
  • Motivational letter. Stating that you are temporarily importing your firearm/s for hunting purposes. Please state which species of animal/s you intend on hunting. Please note that you are not restricted to those specific animals.

Port Elizabeth Airport:

Olivewoods Game Farm pick-up clients at the Port Elizabeth Airport, which is a 1½ hr’s flight from O. R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg which will be your port of entry into South Africa. It is important that you let Olivewoods Game Farm have your travel itinerary as soon as it is made available. This will help with planning and ensure that we are well prepared for your arrival. Your airport pick-up will be planned from your travel itinerary. A Olivewoods Game Farm representative will be at the Port Elizabeth Airport to meet and greet you on the date and time of arrival. We will help you receive your luggage and firearm from the local security officer. It is a 1½ hr’s drive to Olivewoods Game Farm.

Temporary Firearm Import Permits

To ensure a trouble free arrival we strongly suggest that all of our clients have all the necessary documentation completed and ready before you arrive at O R Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.

  • Customs 4457 form
  • SAP 520
  • Motivational letter and invitation letter from your outfitter.

You will clear customs here at O R Tambo Airport in Johannesburg before your flight to Port Elizabeth. It will be here that you will obtain your temporary import permit. Alternatively you may make use of A Phasa representative who will arrange all the necessary for you before your arrival. Once you arrive at OR Tambo Johannesburg a Phasa representative will meet you in the SA Police office with your permit on your arrival. Please go to pre-issued permits on the Phasa website for further information.


While all possible precautions are taken to protect you against accident, sickness or other loss, no liability can be accepted in this regard. You are required to arrange your own personal, travel, all-risks hunting and medical insurance.


Full payment of the balance of your package or daily rate is due on arrival at Olivewoods Game Farm. Trophy fees are payable at the end of your stay. We regret that no personal cheques can be accepted. Only direct deposit, cash or credit cards (upon Arrangement).

Export Permits

Government and the veterinary permits for exporting trophies will be arranged on your behalf, but you are required to ensure that you will be able to import trophies into your own county and that all CITIES permits are in order.

Health Precautions

There is a medical facility available within a radius of about 60 miles of our hunting area. No inoculation or Malaria medicine is required when you visit the Eastern Cape region.

Climate and Season

The Eastern Cape is a healthy Malaria and Bilharzia free area. Our cooler months of April-September, which incorporates our fall, winter and spring, are the main hunting months. This is a natural choice for hunters. Our moderate climate however does allow us to take hunters throughout the year. In the warm summer month’s temperatures will vary from 55°f – 100°f (12˚c – 38˚c) in the heat of the day. The average day temperatures will be around 80°f (27˚c). During winter months, the temperature can drop below freezing at night or early morning, but warms up during the day to an average temperature of around 65°f (18˚c).

Packing List

  • A mid-range calibre rifle is suitable for a plains game hunt.
  • .270, .308, 7mm, 30-06, .338 or similar are all suitable calibres.
  • Variable scope 2-7, 3-9 etc.
  • 60 rounds of Ammunition (good quality soft point)
  • Belt style cartridge holder.
  • Locking hard gun case for travelling.
  • Soft gun case during course of hunt.
  • Hunting coat brown, green, khaki or camo.
  • Flashlight.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Binoculars.
  • Camera.
  • Tick and mosquito repellent.
  • Video camera.
  • Pair of boots, lightweight, preferably waterproof.
  • Pair of lightweight gloves.
  • Suntan lotion.
  • International voltage converter.
  • Razor or personal travel kit.