Springbuck Common


Springbuck Common


Antidocas Marsupialis


27-42 Kgs

60-93 Lbs


The springbuck is a medium-sized, extremely graceful antelope that resembles a gazelle. The majority of its face is white, with dark stripes running from the eyes to the mouth. Reddish brown color runs the length of the body, with a broad band of darker brown dividing the flanks from the white underbelly and back. It has a lengthy fold of skin that extends from the middle of the back to the rump, which can be opened during times of excitement (fright, play), revealing a crest of pure white hairs. The horns of springbuck are relatively short, robust, heavily ridged, rising upward and backward, diverging outward, and sharply curved inward. While females and males are similar, they are smaller and have shorter, thinner, and more angular horns. The Behavior of Springbuck Is Renowned For Leaping.