Tragelaphus Angasii

55-140 Kgs

121-309 Lbs


The Nyala is a spiral-horned antelope that is around the size of a bushbuck or kudu. They are the most sexually dimorphic spiral horned antelope, with completely different male and female appearances. The females have a chestnut coat and at least ten vertical stripes on their bodies, and they are smaller than the males. On their face, throat, flanks, and thighs, they have white spots. Females Lack Horns And Manes. The males have a shaggier, dark brown to charcoal gray coat, larger size, and fewer stripes. Juvenile males resemble females save for the white chevron, while adult males have yellow-tipped spiral horns and a white chevron between their eyes. This is allegedly being done to protect the young.